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Innate Dog Training obedience methods & philosophies have produced consistent and indisputable results time & time again.  These methods are time tested, highly disciplined and effective on various breeds and temperaments by educating the owner in conjunction with training the dog.

It is our belief that every dog needs a job and every dog needs a leader. A dog’s mind thrives on structure and discipline, and through our balanced training methods you will see your dog flourish and become more bonded to you than ever before. Our balanced methods use both influence and positive praise to gain your dog’s trust  in communicating your expectations to your dog consistently in a way that he or she will innately understand.

Through the use of simple distractions like yourself and other household members, intermediate distractions like your local neighborhood for walks and graduated distractions like outdoor shopping malls and local parks your dog will learn to obey your commands in any and all situations, the first time, every time. We train in home, outside in local parks, outdoor shopping malls and anywhere pets are accepted because these various levels of distractions are needed to prove the training is functional and actually exists.

We believe that your dog is not just a pet, but a member of your family and a lifelong commitment. The indisputable results of Innate Dog Training are earned, and the rewards you receive in return are boundless. The lifelong companionship you will experience is easily worth the short commitment and investment you make in properly training your dog.

If you want a family member that is truly bonded to you, is a joy to experience on a daily basis, and is a companion you can take anywhere, then Innate Dog Training is your leader.

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